Ludmila is coming from a family Eisner (originally Eisner von und zu Eisenstein), which has been glassmakers since the seventeen's century. This family belonged to one of three famous glass families behind the Bohemian glass. From the childhood this directed her, through early experiences, to a strong feeling for a combination of art and technology.
During the sixties she studied and was examined at the Glass School of Applied Art in Kamenicky Senov, Czech republic. This place her in the same generation as for example her friends Suhajek and Rozsypal, which were her schoolmates. Later on, after a period of research in chemistry, Ludmila was led to pursue her artistic profession instead. In a period before she studied literature, history and art at the university.
Thanks to her technical and chemical knowledge, Ludmila was able to develop her own technique for sculpturing of mirrors and wall reliefs thus claiming her own niche in the world of art.