1. Underglass painting: The Coffee (Kaffe), 62 x 48 cm
  2. Wall relief: Flow and Spots of Light (Flöden och flikar av ljus), 450 x 100 cm
  3. Program for groups at Galleri Kobergsgränd (guided exhibition, lecture and cocktail party) after agreement and after ordering
  4. GalleriKobergsgränd in Linköping (Ludmila´s studio and exhibition)
  5. Drawing: The Pram (Barnvagn), leadpencil, 30 x 21 cm
  6. Book: Unbook Two (Obok två), leadpencil drawings and short sentences
  7. Art and science: Photosynthesis (Fotosyntes), coloured pencil drawing, 100 x 70 cm
  8. The latest exhibition: "Glass Link Stockholm - Prague, Swedish Glass of the 20th Century", Museum of Applied Arts in Prague, the green mirror 100 x 50 cm, with engraved drawing From Chlorophyll to Haemoglobin (Från klorofyll till hemoglobin)